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Our Featured Projects.

Wild Horse Ranch | Sun Valley, ID

Wild Horse Ranch was designed and built by Restoration Lumber Co.'s subsidiary company using antique and reclaimed materials exclusively. This renowned Sun Valley, ID home showcases the variety of wood and materials available from Restoration Lumber Co.

Whitecloud Ranch | Stanley, ID

Restoration Lumber Co supplied all of the antique materials to build the Whitecloud ranch in Stanley, ID. The siding was from ship timbers salvaged from the depths of the Columbia River. The timbers are from ships built to transport lumber form Astoria, OR to San Diego, CA.

Sanford Winery | Santa Barbara, CA

A huge sawmill complex built in the late 1800s was purchased and dismantled by one of Restoration Lumber Co’s subsidiaries. The sawmill buildings were carefully dismantled and shipped to central California for the construction of the main winery and tasting room at Sanford Winery.



Martis Camp Home | Lake Tahoe, CA

A number of custom homes in the Lake Tahoe area and particularly the Martis Camp development in Truckee, CA were supplied with antique and reclaimed timber from Restoration Lumber Co.

Cowboy Spaceship | Sun Valley, ID

Cowboy Spaceship is a premier residence and event space in Sun Valley, ID, showcasing a number of Restoration Lumber Co.’s offerings. Features include 1,000 year old clear Douglas fir floors that were salvaged from the Washington coast, ship timbers that were milled from recovered sunken logs from the Puget Sound, antique Kentucky tobacco barn wall siding, reclaimed cedar planking, and reclaimed telegraph poles.


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